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Rear View Camera

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Rear View Camera

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the CarLink dashboard is designed with ease of installation in mind. It generally does not require any special tools or professional assistance.

The process involves mounting the device on your dashboard or windshield, plugging it into a power source like the cigarette lighter socket, and connecting it to your car's audio system either via Bluetooth, AUX input, or FM transmitter.

It's a straightforward setup that most users can complete on their own. Detailed instructions are provided with the device.

  1. FM transmission: FM transmission involves broadcasting the audio signal from the CarLink to a specific FM radio frequency. You simply tune your car's radio to this frequency to hear the audio through your car's speakers. This method is wireless and useful if your car doesn't have AUX or Bluetooth capabilities.
  2. AUX Cord: Often labeled as a headphone jack, an AUX cord is a physical cable that connects the CarLink to your car's audio system through the AUX input.
  3. Bluetooth: Pair your phone to the CarLink using bluetooth. Once paired, the audio from your phone is can be played through your car's sound system or the CarLink's built-in speakers.

Definitely! As long your car has a cigarette port, you'll be able to start enjoying Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in less than 45-seconds of setup time.

We welcome traditional payment methods like credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) and online-friendly debit cards. For the tech-savvy, we also support PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay!

Have a special someone who you think needs our product in their life? You can ship our product directly to that lucky lad or lady by entering their address as the shipping address, and your own as the billing address. Plus we don’t include any value invoices inside the box as any receipts are sent directly to your own email address. It’s that easy!

Oops, is your order not being sent to the right address? We can absolutely help change this for you! Provided your order has not shipped, please send us the new details and we can change this over for you.

Yes, it can be customized, but this is primarily managed through the settings of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The extent of customization depends on the options available within these platforms, allowing you to personalize aspects like app display and control layouts. This level of customization is influenced by the features of the connected smartphone.

It usually has minimal impact on your car's battery. However, it's important to know how your vehicle handles power to the cigarette lighter port.

Most cars cut off power when the engine is off and doors are locked, but there are some that may continue to supply power even when locked.

To avoid battery drain, check if the screen shuts off when your car is locked. If it stays on, it's best to unplug the device.

Upcoming software updates may include features to automatically turn off the screen after extended inactivity.

CarLink's GPS navigation, powered by the connected smartphone, allows you to choose your preferred navigation app like Google Maps, Apple Maps (for iPhones), Waze, etc.

It offers real-time updates and a user-friendly interface, providing a navigation experience that often exceeds that of standard in-car systems.

This flexibility to use the navigation app of your choice enhances the overall functionality and adaptability compared to traditional systems.

Yes, it's designed to integrate seamlessly with your car's existing systems, ensuring you can still access all original features.


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